Jose Mendoza manager of
Loses in Court – Refuses to pay $530.52 judgment!

Court orders judgment for Plaintiff Mark S. Thomson against Defendant Industry Express Car Wash LLC on the Amended Plaintiffs Claim (1st) filed by Mark S. Thomson on 10/25/2023 for the principal amount off $500.52 and the cost of $30.00 for a total of $530.52.

Original Court Date: 12-15-2023
Disposition: Continued till 1-30-2024

Tim Berger Bio – Managing partner Lux Air Jet Centers
Business License applied for by Timothy Berger

Plaintiff Claim:
Amount: $1380.52
The Antenna cover was torn off of the antenna assembly during the car wash. The entire antenna assembly needs to be replaced. Since it was torn off the roof the plastic that connects the cover to the assembly were actually broken off. The video was viewed by Jose Mendoza, the Manager, and can see that it was broken off in the drying process.

You can see that the nubs that connect to the antenna base are totally snapped off.

Statement to Honorable Judge Ed Chau

Case Number: 23WCSC01578

Date of incident: October 16, 2023

Damage to roof antenna on 2015 Hyundai Sonata License plate 8MLZ162.

Location: Super Duper Car Wash, 17670 E Castleton, City of Industry, Ca 91748

This was noticed right after the vehicle went through the car wash. An attendant went into the car wash and found the antenna cover. This was reported to Marya Rios. The manager was going to call. No call came. I called October 16, 2023 and left a message about the incident with Marya, Jose Hernandez the manager was going to give me a call. No Call. I called in the afternoon and got connected with Jose, he said he does not leave messages if no one answers. I told him the cost to repair it and he said he would view the video and get back to me. The next day he called and confirmed that it did come off in the car wash but how did he know it was not loose already and they would not pay to repair it.

I had gotten an estimate for the repair from City of Industry Hyundai, $1380.52. I was informed that you cannot just replace the antenna cover, the entire antenna base and cover needed to be replaced. The headliner had to be brought down, disconnected and removed with a 19mm socket, replaced and reprogrammed.

You can see from the images that the top was broken off the base. There is a scuff on top of the fin possibly from the car wash brushes that come down on the top of the vehicle. You can see also that the plastic where the screws come up through the base are snapped off from the antenna fin. If these were already broken the top would not even be connected.

Statement to Honorable Judge Ed Chau

When the Judge questioned Jose Mendoza, he stated that he did not know why he was there that he is just an employee (he represented himself as the manager of the facility). I told the judge that I had no way of finding out the owner of the business since there was no business license posted. He made a call and was going to email me a copy of it, that never happened. I had gone to Super Duper Car Wash a few weeks prior and still no Business License was posted. The judge continued the proceedings so I could get that information.

I had gone to the facility and there was a Business License posted. I had to request the information from the City of Industry to find out who requested the License.  Click Here to view the Business License. I did call Timothy Berger and left a message, he did NOT call me back. I did get a call from Jose Mendoza asking me how I found out about Timothy Berger. I asked if he wanted to settle, he said no. Timothy Berger is the Managing Partner  for Lux Air Jet Centers. Click Here to view his bio. I never heard back from Timothy Berger or Jose Mendoza. On January 5th I called Jose, he did return my call and offered me $100. I declined and asked if he had talked to Timothy Berger and he said no he is on Holiday. I said talk to him and let me know what he wants to do. He said he made the decision to offer me the $100.00 and if that is not good enough to do what I need to do.